In the article ‘Returning to Work Aver the Devastating Loss Of A Loved One,’ author David K. Williams interviews Jason Garner, former CEO of Global Music at Live Nation, about the experience of returning to work while still dealing with grief.

Here’s a few of our favorite quotes we wanted to share:

“Death is such an intimate experience,” Jason says. “I think for busy entrepreneurs it’s especially personal because it invites us — forces us — to look in the mirror, to examine our crowded lives, and to question the meaning of it all.”
“The grieving process is necessary and can’t be abbreviated,” Jason says. “Like birth, nature has its own timeline and we have to respect it.” Experts say grieving is often a many-year process. “Most of us don’t have the luxury of waiting years to return to work. So we’re forced to jump back into life well before we’re emotionally ready. Our culture tells us to “be strong,” to “not cry,” and to “just do it.” But that’s not really helpful. Instead, I’ve found that being real, honoring our experience, and sharing with those around is much more valuable.”

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