How to Support Someone Grieving

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By Leah Brignall

Everyone thinks slightly differently, and everyone grieves differently as well. If you follow our blog you have seen the post that outlines the 5 stages of grief. If you know someone who is grieving you may be confused or even frustrated with their grieving process. They may not seem to be following the 5 stages and it can be difficult to support someone when you don’t know what they are thinking. An important thing to know is that people don’t always go from one step to the next in order. It is not the sort of thing where you complete one task and move to the next. Grieving is a process that can look very different for each individual and each circumstance. This article, How to Help Someone Who is Grieving gives an example of how different people might go through a loss, and how you can support the people you care about. 

Tips for Celebrating Father’s Day After Loss

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By Leah Brignall

As you probably know, Father’s Day is just around the corner. Typically we think of this as a fun time to spend the day with our dads, but for people who have lost a father it can be a difficult day. This article, Surviving Father’s Day, gives a few tips on coping after the loss of a father. Some of the tips include:

  1. Stay off of Facebook
  2. Get into nature
  3. Be kind to yourself
  4. Reach out to people who have stood in
  5. Think of the new dads
  6. Find a simple, even fun, way to remember your dad

Coping with Grief

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Dealing with grief can be one of the most trying challenges we face as humans. Whether it is the loss of a parent, child, friend, or pet most all of us will face this hurdle at some point in our lives. One important step in overcoming grief is understanding it. This image from explains each of the 5 stages of grief:

Family Activities for Summer

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By Leah Brignall

Bonding with your children and having fun with them is so important for their development and well being. It can also be a nice break from the everyday grind. Take some time this summer for a special activity! Here are a few lists to get started:

Over 30 Fun free or Low-Cost Summer Activities for Kids in Phoenix

Splash Pad Locations

Things to Do in Phoenix with Kids

15 Free Children’s Activities in Phoenix

10 Interactive and Kid-Friendly Museums

Enjoy an Event at the Library

Thriving in the Empty Nest Stage

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By Leah Brignall

When they live with you you get used to seeing them every day, hearing about what they are up to, and planning your own activities with them in mind. Because of this, the transition to an “empty nest” can be a tough one for some people. Not only can your children leaving affect you personally, but it can also impact your relationships with your significant other and your children. This article from Psychology Today gives some great insight on the topic. It urges you to take this as a new chapter in life where you are able to discover new things about yourself. Have fun and explore different hobbies. Connect and reconnect with people in your life. Though this can be a big change in your life, you can make it a very exciting one!