How to Overcome Burnout at Work - FOX 10 Interview

How to Overcome Burnout at Work – FOX 10

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The New Year often creates a time of reflection and many of us are noticing how burned out we feel at our jobs. The pandemic has not made things easy and many are wondering how to foster a better outlook on the New Year when we are tired and burned out. In an interview with Fox 10 News, Dr. Melissa Estavillo discuss tips to avoid burnout at work and tips for a better outlook on the New Year.

Anxiety & Mental Distress on the Rise – KJZZ

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Anxiety and mental distress are on the rise among women and kids, report shows

The newest report from America’s Health Rankings shines a light on the unique challenges faced by women and children — especially in light of the pandemic. The two groups make up a substantial part of the population, and this report paints a grim picture of their current wellbeing.

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Concerns About Returning To The Office – KTAR News

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Return to office concerns are normal, Valley mental health expert says

PHOENIX – The World Health Organization over a year ago declared the spread of COVID-19 a global pandemic, an announcement that changed the whole world.

The announcement brought about widespread anxiety over the pandemic and mitigation measures, one of which was social isolation that took a toll on mental health.

As the world returns to what was normal prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, many people who were sentenced to work from home are experiencing a new anxiety – the fear of returning to work.

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