Autism Support Groups in Arizona

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There are many Autism Support Groups in the Phoenix, AZ Area. We encourage people going through the emotional struggles that come with being a caregivers of children with Autism to reach out to a local support group, confide in close friends or family, or seek counseling.
You are not alone. You CAN find support. Our counselors specialize in counseling for caregivers. Call us today at (480) 999-7070 if you are seeking help.

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Signs of a Dysfunctional Family

9 Signs of a Dysfunctional Family

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A healthy family should be a safe haven for all individuals within the family system. Individuals should feel comfortable expressing their needs and anticipate that their needs will be appropriately met by the family. Family members should feel as though everyone in the family has their best interest at heart and will be willing to grow and change to meet future needs, hardships, and expansion of the family. 

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