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Book Recommendation- Love Sense by Sue Johnson

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Have you ever heard someone say, “We aren’t meant to be with just one person our entire lives!” Or “There is no such thing as a soulmate!”

We all have our opinions and beliefs on relationships and love. But best selling author Sue Johnson brings us a new books entitled Love Sense where she brings to light new scientific evidence that humans ARE meant to mate for life.

If you’re interested in this phenomenon or have read her wildly popular book Hold Me Tight, check out Sue Johnson’s new book Love Sense!

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Book Recommendation: Quiet Your Mind and Get To Sleep

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Feeling so sick and tired of not getting enough sleep? Are you waking up exhausted, feeling depressed or anxious throughout your day? We suggest getting your hands on, Quiet Your Mind and Get To Sleep by  Richard Bootzin PhD, Colleen E. Carney PhD, and Rachel Manber PhD.

The book is actually a work book designed to help you get to the root of your insomnia and sleep issues. It will help you stop worrying, and improve your health issues related to loss of sleep. The workbook is based on cognitive behavioral therapy that helps you develop healthy patterns, and useful tools to a better nights rest.


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Book Recommendation

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This month we have been talking about how to be mindful, how to prioritize self care, and why being self aware is so beneficial.

In Nilofer Merchant’s book The Power of Onlyness she talks about how to take your self awareness and apply it creatively and professionally.  She says that by surrounding yourself with people who are also self aware, passionate, and motivated, it can open a huge window for your own dreams and desires to be recognized.


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Book Recommendation: The Village Effect by Susan Pinker

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In Susan Pinker’s book The Village Effect, she talks about how important face-to-face contact is with other people for long term growth and happiness. The village symbolizes the people that surround you in your life, whether it be close friends or just aquaintances. When our society relies so much on digital and technical interactions, Pinker argues that this is not enough to live a healthy, happy, resilient life.

Have you read her book yet?

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Book Recommendation: The How of Happiness

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The How of Happiness by Sonja Lyubomirsky

Sonja Lyubomirsky is a research Psychologist at the University of California, and her book gives us a deeper look into what happiness is, and is not. She gives many detailed tips on how to achieve happiness in your life, and what exactly that means to you. She believes that we can become happier in a number of different ways, but focuses on how we have the power is within our control to change our scope on the happiness spectrum.

Have you read it?