Book Recommendation: Postpartum Depression

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By Leah Brignall

Postpartum Depression (PPD) is something that happens to many new moms. A lot of these moms feel unprepared, alone, and ashamed by these emotions. Even though it is quite common, PPD and other postpartum illnesses are not often talked about. If you are going through this, or you know someone who might be, there are resources to help. Seeing a counselor is a great idea. There are also websites and books that can give more information and support. This website has a lot of great information including a book list that might be helpful. Not only are there some great books about PPD, but they also include books on:

-Postpartum Anxiety and OCD

-Postpartum Psychosis

-Depression During Pregnancy

-Books for dads


-Spirituality-based books

-Books for professionals