Book Recommendation: Mental Health Through Exercise

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By Leah Brignall

Many of us already know that exercise can boost mental health and well-being. At the same time, we might sometimes struggle to find motivation to integrate exercise into out lives. Check out this book, 8 Keys to Mental Health Through Exercise by Christina G. Hibbert to learn more about how to begin to integrate physical and mental health. Here is a short description from Amazon:

“In this inspiring book, Christina Hibbert, a clinical psychologist and expert on women’s mental health, grief, and self-esteem, explains the connections between exercise and mental well-being and offers readers step-by-step strategies for sticking to fitness goals, overcoming motivation challenges and roadblocks to working out, and maintaining a physically and emotionally healthy exercise regimen. This book will help readers to get moving, stay moving, and maintain the inspiration they need to reap the mental health benefits of regular exercise. The 8 keys include improving self-esteem with exercise, exercising as a family, getting motivated, changing how you think about exercise, and the FITT principle for establishing an effective exercise routine.”