Should We Start Couples Counseling?

By Leah Brignall

Within every relationship there will be arguments and disagreements. Relationships are not always perfect because people are not always perfect. The goal is to be able to work through the more difficult times so that you can enjoy more good times together. If you and your partner seem to be experiencing a lot of bumps in the road lately you may have asked yourself, “should we start couples counseling?”  Here is an article from PsychCentral explaining 7 signs that you may want to start couples counseling. For even more common reasons to get help, here is a post from Dr. Melissa Estavillo with 5 more common signs. Can you relate to any of these points? Even if it is a different issue that you are dealing with, if you feel that your relationship could be stronger, couples counseling could help! Call a counselor, make an appointment, and give it a try!