6 Common Relationship Problems Couples Counseling Can Help With

Couples Fixing Problems In Relationship

Many couples experience some type of problem within their relationship, whether it be communication issues, overcoming infidelity, intimacy issues, or other obstacles. Despite these problems, there are solutions to each of them. The following are common types of relationship issues that can be overcome with the help of Couples Counseling.

In order to know if counseling is needed for your relationship, it is essential to highlight the importance of recognizing the core issues you are facing in your relationship. Identifying the problems in your relationship can be done by discussing the patterns of conflict you experience together, as well as taking the time to address each other’s needs.

If you happen to identify issues in your relations, don’t worry. Many people experience relationship complications, in fact, there are several common types.

Common Relationship Problems Couples Counseling Can Help With Include

The point is you are not alone. Seeking counseling can help your relationship to heal and allow you to realize that your problems can be worked out and overcome. Many couples experience similar issues and seek counseling; there is no shame in trying to strengthen your relationship.

Communication Issues

If you and your partner are struggling, it may be a result of poor communication. Communication issues can look like arguing, bickering, blaming each other, or completely avoiding each other altogether. Other times, things can seem fine to you, but your spouse is struggling to find the words to express their feelings. It can be hard to know how to talk to each other when you feel like you are being misunderstood. Couples counseling can be extremely helpful to repairing communication difficulties, and you and your partner can learn how to effectively communicate according to each other’s needs.

Emotional Distance

Speaking of needs, one of the most essential needs to be met are emotional needs. Emotional needs are met when you can provide a feeling of comfort, security, love, and understanding to your partner (a result of safe and secure attachment). If you are experiencing an emotional distance from your partner, you may feel alone and less intimate with your partner. Sometimes you may feel like your relationship is not okay, and that you do not understand each other anymore. Therapy, such as Emotionally Focused Therapy, can be helpful in identifying you and your partner’s emotional needs, and how each of you can meet them for one another.

Affairs & Infidelity

Cheating and affairs can take a big toll on your relationship, but there are ways to repair your marriage after infidelity occurs. If you are experiencing the aftermath of an affair, it is important to acknowledge the underlying cause of the behavior. In order to achieve this, the person who cheated must stop all affairs, and allow for safe, honest communication to occur with the person who was cheated on. After the cause of cheating is identified, rebuilding trust and healing can occur. If this seems to be a struggle for you to do on your own, infidelity counseling can help you to reach the level of communication you need to heal.

Intimacy Issues

Sometimes you may feel like you are not as close to your partner as you once were; it may feel like the bond between you was weakened (or even broken). This connection we feel to others in relationships is a result of intimacy, and it is very important in a romantic relationship. There is a desire to feel close to your partner, but if you feel more distant than close, it can create a real lack of intimacy. Seeking therapy can help you and your partner to reconnect and rediscover the reasons you fell in love in the first place.

Significant Life Events

Life is ever-changing, and sometimes the changes we experience are big ones (and they can be good or bad). Significant life events can include having a baby, losing a loved one, changing careers, marriage, and so much more. With these events, although some positive, stress is likely to be present. When your life is taking big turns, and your stress-levels are on high, you may run into poor communication and conflict with your spouse. This could be a result of misunderstanding one another, having different views (i.e. how to raise your child), or feeling like your emotional needs are being unmet. Whatever the conflict, it can be resolved.  Conflict resolution skills can be learned through couples counseling, and greatly benefit your relationship.

Overcoming Trauma

Significant life events are not limited to being good or bad; they can sometimes be traumatic, resulting in Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). If you or your partner suffers from PTSD, you may be struggling to find peace in your daily life. With that said, your partner may not know how to help you, and you may be avoiding them for that reason. The day-to-day battles that you endure could be hurting you, as well as your relationship (from behaviors like anger outbursts, avoidance, and reactions to intense fear).  PTSD counseling can be very helpful to you and the relationship overall, and it can help to relieve your daily stress and struggles.

When it comes to common relationship issues, couples counseling can really alleviate the stressors of conflict between you and your partner. No matter the problem you are facing, there is a solution to better overcome your issues. You do not have to be alone in your struggles; help is available when you are.

Counseling Can Help

If you are struggling with your own relationship issues, you do not have to endure it alone; couples counseling can be highly beneficial to a conflicted relationship.

Some common types of relationship counseling that is recommended for couples includes Marriage Counseling, Premarital Counseling, and LGBT Couples Counseling.

When it comes to common relationship issues, couples counseling can really alleviate the stressors of conflict between you and your partner. No matter the problem you are facing, there is a solution to better overcome your issues. You do not have to be alone in your struggles; help is available when you are.

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