Emotional distance can develop from months or years of unresolved conflict and life stressors in your relationship. As time passes and circumstances change, it is not uncommon for couples to express dissatisfaction with the level of emotional connection that they feel with their partner. Some couples even share that they feel like they are living separate lives from their partner, and that their partner has become more like a roommate than a spouse or a friend.

When experiencing emotional distance in your relationship, it is not uncommon for the relationship to dive into a cycle of push and pull (Pursue and Withdrawal). This cycle can make you feel like the person who once showed you that they loved you most is not even on your team anymore. In couples counseling, we look at identifying the early signs of this cycle and helping you to learn to avoid it so that you can share the emotional intimacy that you desire.

At Biltmore Psychology & Counseling, our Psychologists help couples rekindle the emotional closeness and passion that was once found in their relationship, helping them return to satisfying levels of companionship, friendship, and intimacy.

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