Autism Support Groups in Arizona

There are many Autism Support Groups in the Phoenix and Scottsdale, AZ Area. We encourage people going through the emotional struggles that come with being a caregivers of children with Autism to reach out to a local support group, confide in close friends or family, or seek counseling. You are not alone. You CAN find support.

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Autism Support Groups in Arizona:

​​Arizona Autism Network of the West Valley

Meeting Locations: West Valley

More Info: ​​Arizona Autism Network of the West Valley has officially joined forces with the Autism Society of Greater Phoenix. Together with AZ ASSIST and EVAN, we are all committed to working together to help educate ​and empower our Arizona Autism Community

Autism Society of Phoenix

Meeting Locations: Multiple Valley Locations

More Info:At the Autism Society of Greater Phoenix, we understand what it is like raising a child with autism. Many on our Board of Directors and all who run our support groups have loved ones on the spectrum. These important monthly meetings provide a safe place for parents and individuals with autism to connect with others in similar situations near them. We provide a different speaker each month to help families learn new strategies to help their loved ones. Some meetings provide an activity for children to do during the meeting, while other meetings are for parents only. Some meetings require an RSVP if food is provided, while others you can just show up.

Southwest Autism Research & Resource Center (SARRC)

Meeting Locations: Phoenix, AZ

More Info:The Grandparents Support Group meetings are held monthly from October through May, with the goal of empowering, enriching and supporting all members. In addition to offering a network of support, grandparents attending the group’s monthly meetings participate in facilitated discussions, learn the latest information about autism from guest speakers, receive advice and training, and socialize with each other.

Melmed Center – ABA Parent Academy

Meeting Locations: Scottsdale, AZ

More Info: Melmed Center provides a compassionate, state of the art approach to the assessment and treatment of behavioral, educational and developmental challenges in children and adults. The services are provided in a fun, family oriented environment.

Center for Austism & Related Disorders

Meeting Locations: Multiple Valley Locations

More Info: At CARD®, access ABA services without delay. CARD® provides services to patients of all ages across all settings at locations throughout the United States.

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