Simple Rules for Stress Free Gift Giving

To hands giving wrapped gifts to each other, on a wood table with Christmas decorations.

Are you the kind of person who dreads the holiday season because of the seemingly endless amount of gifts you have to buy?

For some of us, gift giving can cause a lot of unnecessary stress and anxiety. Whether the reason is that your list of gift giving keeps growing, or that you’re feeling a little financially strapped, gift giving can add up in more ways than one.

According to Goali Saedi Bocci Ph.D, over on Psychology today, there are some simple rules you can follow to keep this holiday season running smoothly.

1. Consider Going Homemade

These days there are so many creative and adorable ideas on the internet for homemade gifts. They are generally going to be less expensive, and will show your recipient you took the time to specially make something for them. Maybe you like baking and you bake homemade goodies for your friends and family. Or if you’re artistic, consider painting or drawing a picture and having it framed. Keeping it simple with a nice hand written card will always win big with your loved ones.

2. Treasured Books

Giving books is always a great gift idea at a low cost, even if you’re not sure if the recipient is an avid reader. There are plenty of different kinds of books that everyone will love. From best sellers, cook books, coffee table books, and even adult coloring books!

3. Donations

There are always ways to give to a loved one that also gives back to the community and those around us that are less fortunate. Consider donating to a local charity, or finding a cause that your loved one is particularly passionate about and donate there.

4. Annual Traditions

Have you jumped on the matching christmas pajama bandwagon yet? All over the internet you can find people posing with their families during the holidays adorning fun matching holiday pajamas. This could be a great gift. Gifting matching sets of pajamas, socks, or even a personalized ornament. Ask what your friends and family do for traditions in their house, and buy accordingly. It will surely be a thoughtful gift, and fun for everyone.