Resolutions for Mental Health in 2021

2021 New Years Resolutions For Mental Health

We are just a few weeks into January 2021 and I bet you have already made some pretty great resolutions for this year.

But, have you thought about what great resolutions you can make for your mental health?

The pandemic has left many of us in a fair amount of mental health distress. Staying motivated to make changes is not easy under normal circumstances. But these changes may seem especially difficult right now as our energy levels are low.

As a society, we tend to focus on resolutions that change something about ourselves. But, what if this year, we focus on ways to improve our mental health and pull ourselves out of the burnout of 2020? Here some things to consider:

Be Kind To Yourself

Many of us think that being self-critical is the best way to hold ourselves accountable to facilitate change. Yet, the opposite is true. Harsh, critical views of ourselves only contribute to feelings of burnout and may not leave enough energy for us to stay committed to change.

Foster Healthy Relationships

The quality of our relationships is one of the most significant correlates with happiness. Extraverts may desire a large number of friends, and introverts may feel most satisfied with a few. What matters most is not the quantity of friends we have but the quality of the relationship.

Relieve Stress With Exercise

Many of us know that endorphin release is often associated with moderate to high-intensity exercise yet so many of us may dread running or cycling. Be creative and find exercises that you enjoy and commitment to this practice will be easy.

Sleep and Sleep Some More

Working from home has likely not been great for maintaining healthy sleep habits. Too often we may be looking at our phones late at night, working from our bed, or falling asleep on the couch trying to finish up the lingering projects. Focus on eliminating the situations that produce poor quality sleep and you will awake to find that your mood has likely improved as well.

So many of us struggle to make our individual needs a priority. Yet, when we are emotionally depleted and burned out, we have little to give to the ones we love the most. Focusing on your mental health is never a selfish decision, but is a necessary one to sustainably give to those that need us the most.

Below is video that can help give you some tools to keep you moving forward toward your goals when everything is hard.

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