Woman Meditating at her Desk

Is it possible to be mindful at work? Can you have a more peaceful work environment? For most of us, our day to day is spent at a desk in front of a computer (or computers!) for hours on end. During these seemingly endless days, we can often find ourselves zoning out, or juggling so many different tasks it’s hard to stay focused. What can we do during our work hours to help us stay in the present, be more productive, and be conscious of our actions?

According to mindful.org there are plenty of things you can do through out your day to keep your mindfulness in the forefront. It can be small things like turning your phone off during the day so you’re not distracted by your personal life. Or staying off social media when you’re logged onto your work computer.

Also, making your physical office space more calming is a great way to keep your mood boosted. Stay organized and avoid any clutter on the desk so you can focus on what needs to get done. You might have a calendar or a picture with a motivational saying reminding you to stay present. Maybe you set an alarm every 30 minutes to get up, stretch your legs, bring your mind back to yourself and the moment, do some breathing exercises.

At mindful.org they give 10 great examples of how to do this and much more like:

  1. Be Consciously Present
  2. Use Short Mindful Exercises
  3. Be a Single-Tasker
  4. Use Mindful Reminders
  5. Slow Down to Speed Up
  6. Make Stress Your Friend
  7. Feel Gratitude
  8. Cultivate Humility
  9. Accept What You Can’t Change
  10. Adopt a Growth Mindset

Head on over to their website for a more detailed explanation of these 10 ways to be more mindful at work. Will you try any of them?