A Lesson for Parents on Gender Identity

By Leah Brignall

With each new year it seems as though gender norms are becoming less prevalent. What used to seem taboo, like being a working mother or stay-at-home dad, may now be looked at as a viable option. These and other ideas of masculinity and femininity are being challenged, especially by today’s youth. Some people are supportive and understanding of these changes, while others are left confused or uncomfortable.

Parents can’t help but thinking about what their children’s lives will be like. Because of this pre-conceived idea of who their child might be, it can be difficult for them to understand if their kid doesn’t take the path that they expected. This article, Parent’s Guide to the Gender Revolution from Psychology Today, has a lot of great information to help parents understand the idea of gender identity, and how to talk to their kids about it. There is also an interview with an LMSW who works with LGBTQ youth that answers a lot of common questions about the youth and their parents. Check it out!