Difference Between a Therapist and Psychologist

Male therapist smiling while taking notes talking to a young woman client

What is the Difference Between a Therapist and Psychologist?


We get this question a lot. Since we have both Therapists and Psychologists at our office, we thought we’d do a blog post about the differences.

Therapist vs Counselor:

We often use therapist and counselor interchangeably, but there are a few differences. Usually counseling refers to a focus on a particular issue (like couples counseling or depression counseling) shorter term. Where as therapy can refer to a broader range of topics and longer term.

Our licensed therapists here have their Masters degree in psychology, and two years working with a qualified mental health professional after graduate school. They are qualified to evaluate and treat different kinds of clients depending on what they’re looking to come in for. They have been in the field for 10+ years, and have great experience helping all kinds of clients.

Psychologist vs Psychiatrist:

A psychologist has their doctorate degree, either PhD or PsyD. During their graduate studies they learn to evaluate and treat a wide array of mental health disorders. After they are done with school, they do an internship as well that can last 2-3 years where they further their knowledge of disorders, diagnosing, testing, treatment, and much more.

A Psychiatrist is a medical doctor who went to medical school. They can diagnose and treat different conditions with medication if they choose. They tend to specialize in mental health issues that might present with psychiatric issues as well. They are able to take a look at a person and their mental health conditions, and how those (along with certain medications) might impact their body (blood pressure, heart rate, organs etc).

Here at Biltmore Psychology and Counseling we have Licensed Marriage and Family therapists, who specialize in couples counseling as well as individual counseling.

We also have two Licensed Psychologists who specialize in everything from couples, grief, loss, anxiety, depression, infertility, and more.

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