Resolutions for Mental Health in 2019

Big block numbers, with a woman as the number one in 2019 in front of a sunset.

We are a week into January, and I bet you have already made some pretty great resolutions for this year. But have you thought about what great resolutions can do for your mental health?

As a society we tend to focus on resolutions that change something about ourselves. But what about focusing on ways to enhance, or strengthen our mental health?

Over on Mental Health First Aid, they have a great article about how to do just this:

  1. Practice Self Acceptance

  2. Become a Social Butterfly

  3. Work on your Exercise

  4. Become a Sleeping Beauty

  5. Put Yourself First

Practice Self Acceptance:

This can be such a helpful tool in strengthening your mental health. We often focus on the negative about ourselves, and are constantly trying to change something. But what if this year, we focused on loving ourselves for exactly the person we are? What if we accepted our bodies, our circumstances, our lives and thrived on being truly grateful for what we have?

Become a Social Butterly:

Life can get busy, and before you know it it’s been weeks or months before you’ve gone out and done anything socially. When we build and cultivate relationships and friendships, we tend to be happier and more satisfied. This year, try getting out more. Commit to one night out a month to start, with friends or your spouse. Try something new, and step outside your comfort zone and make new friends.

Work on your Exercise:

There are plenty of studies out there that show exercise improves our mental health. Instead of beating yourself up this year and punishing yourself with exercise, why not try something new and make exercise fun again? Try a new group fitness class! Always wanted to try pilates or boxing?  Head down to your local gym and ask about the classes they offer.

Become a Sleeping Beauty:

Sleep is extremely important for everything. Getting enough good quality sleep can be very difficult, but should definitely be up there on your priority list. Sleep is essential to normal functioning, and can help you feel clearer while setting yourself up for success during your stressful day.

Put Yourself First:

It’s time you take self care seriously. We are always working hard at getting things done and pleasing others in our lives. We don’t generally realize the value of self care until later in life. So schedule that massage, and pamper yourself. But more importantly, in vision who you want to be this year. And work forwards positive and meaningful patterns of putting the best version of yourself forward.

Happy New Year everyone!