All too often, life presents us with challenges and difficulties along the way. While many of us are resilient in the face of adversity, we may also be caught off guard by these twists and turns. Feeling a bit lost, we may benefit from working with someone who could help guide us through. Life coaching therapy does just that by providing a creative, safe environment to overcome life transitions, make complex decisions, and find our motivation once again.

Who Would Benefit From a Life Coach?

For too long counseling has been stigmatized, often perceived as something a person does when they are “sick” or have “emotional issues.” At Biltmore Psychology and Counseling, we are passionate about shattering the stigma by helping others recognize that those at the top often get there with the help and mentorship of others. As life coach therapists, we know that just as the best athletes in the world have an amazing coach to help them reach the top, the most successful individuals often have the same.

What Are The Common Goals of Life Coaching?

  • Increased motivation and passion in one’s life
  • Professional and personal goal achievement
  • Increased insight into motivational blocks
  • Clarification of core values
  • Identification of obstacles and barriers to success
  • The pursuit of work-life balance
  • Exploration of a new career path
  • Transitioning into retirement
  • Increased emotional insight and attunement
  • Assertiveness and leadership skill development
  • Identity development as a parent
  • Self and body love

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Life Coach Counseling FAQs

What is a Life Coach?

The traditional approach to counseling and psychological services is to help people with clinical mental health needs to overcome their difficulties and return to a place of health and wellness. Yet, this approach neglects a significant portion of the population that do not have severe symptoms or a true clinical diagnosis. Many healthy individuals are looking for a coach to help them accomplish their personal goals, find direction in life, and amplify their strengths, not just treat their “pathologies.” This is where life coaching can be so beneficial. 

With this in mind, a life coach is someone who can help an individual achieve their goals, find a new direction, or increase motivation when they are feeling stuck or burned out. 

What Is the Difference Between a Life Coach and Therapist?

This is an important question as there is a wide variation in training and experience in the life coaching field. 

Therapists are individuals who have advanced degrees and licensure in clinical psychology or counseling services and are able to provide a wide range of therapeutic services and treatment. Their field is regulated by a state licensing board and they are required to have many years of training to provide both clinical and coaching services. 

Life Coaches who do not have the additional training to be a therapist have often received brief training in coaching services and are not licensed mental health professionals. Their services are limited to coaching services alone and are not trained to provide any mental health treatment for individuals who may be experiencing symptoms of depression, anxiety for example. 

The psychologists and counselors at Biltmore Psychology and Counseling who provide life coaching services have Master’s degree/Doctorate degrees in the field of psychology. At BPC, our therapists are able to provide both professional counseling services and coaching services tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients.

What Can I Expect from Life Coaching?

Life Coaching is all about self-improvement and identifying the obstacles getting in the way of becoming the best version of yourself. Together, your psychologist or counselor will help you clarify your goals, explore practical ways to achieve success, increase your motivation, and clarify your true passion, drive, and purpose in life. 

Meet our Team

Dr. Melissa Estavillo, PsyD


Doctorate and Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology, Arizona School of Professional Psychology
Practice Areas: Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT), relationship / marriage counseling, Depression, Anxiety, PTSD / Trauma, Grief, Spiritual Integration, Medical Counseling, Immigration Evaluation Services

Nicholette Aragon, LMFT


Master of Science in Marriage and Family Therapy, Arizona State University
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
Practice Areas: Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT), relationship / marriage counseling, individual therapy, PTSD / trauma, faith-based counseling, grief and loss, parenting/coparenting issues, depression, anxiety, adjustment disorders, work/life stressors

Danielle Corrales, LMFT


M.S. Marriage and Family Therapy,
Arizona State University
B.S. Family and Human Development,
Arizona State University

Practice Areas: Relationship / marriage counseling, pre-marital counseling, grief and loss, general counseling, anxiety and depression, individual therapy, life changes, work/life stressors

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist Susan Self


M.S. Counseling and Human Services,
University of Toledo

B.S. Psychology,
Bowling Green State University

Practice Areas: relationship / marriage counseling, pre-marital counseling, parenting, general counseling, anxiety and depression, individual therapy, career decisions, caring for aging relatives, life changes, work/life stressors

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