Stress, anxiety, depression, guilt, and anger are all common when experiencing infertility. These feelings can put a strain on any relationship and make it difficult to love yourself and your partner.

Having an infertility counselor during this time can be beneficial in helping each person be able to communicate what the process has been like for them. Since it is common for couples to experience the frustrations of infertility differently, a counselor can give tools for better communication and help explain what has led each partner to experience what they are experiencing.

Biltmore Psychology and Counseling provides counseling for individuals and couples managing the emotional stresses associated with infertility. We encourage couples to seek counseling early on in their struggles. This way expectations and disappointments can be dealt with together with the help of a professional psychologist.

Creating, establishing, and repairing emotionally fulfilling relationships is an integral part of our mission. If you are struggling with the emotional stress of infertility, please call us at (480) 999-7070

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Infertility Counseling FAQ

Signs You Should You See an Infertility Counselor?

Infertility can be a time that bonds a relationship and helps the couple feel close, yet for many, this stressful time is one that can pull them apart. Below are a few signs that you should seek an infertility counselor:

  • Intimacy is replaced with only “procreation sex”
  • Arguments are increasing around how infertility should be addressed
  • The couple cannot agree on when/if to pursue assisted reproductive technology to form a family
  • Either partner is feeling anxious, depressed or despair
  • Infertility is taking over the couple’s life
  • The couple is lacking support from friends or family who understand their stress

What Can You Expect from Infertility Counseling?

Couples counseling for infertility will focus on identifying the places in the relationship that are causing distress, misunderstanding, or feelings of distance. At times of difficult decisions, it will focus on helping the couple express their needs, fears, and desires while also listening to the other partner’s perspectives.

If infertility has caused places of pain in the relationship, the focus will be to help the couple repair their relationship and feel supported by the other. Individual counseling for infertility will help the individual process through negative feelings of loss, grief, anger, confusion and stress related to the process.

How Infertility Can Impact a Relationship

Infertility is an inherently stressful process. Couples experiencing infertility go through grief, shame, self-blame, financial stress, scheduling stress, information overload, and despair. In fact, research shows that a woman going through infertility is as stressed as a woman diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer.

Numerous big decisions and disappointments can stress event the best of relationships leaving many feeling misunderstood and unsupported. Couples can benefit from infertility counseling when the stress on the relationship reaches a tipping point and is starting to drive a wedge in the relationship. Yet, couples can also benefit from infertility counseling when they are first faced with infertility as a way to help them stay close through each decision and hard moment.

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Can I Come for Infertility Counseling Without My Partner?

Yes! Individual counseling for infertility will help the individual process through negative feelings of loss, grief, anger, confusion and stress related to the process.

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Dr. Melissa Estavillo, PsyD


Doctorate and Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology, Arizona School of Professional Psychology
Practice Areas: Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT), Relationship Counseling, Depression, Anxiety, Trauma / PTSD, Grief, Spiritual Integration, Medical Counseling, Immigration Evaluation Services

Nicholette Aragon, LMFT


Master of Science in Marriage and Family Therapy, Arizona State University
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
Practice Areas: Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT), marriage/relationship therapy, individual therapy, trauma / PTSD, faith-based counseling, grief and loss, parenting/coparenting issues, depression, anxiety, adjustment disorders, work/life stressors

Danielle Corrales, LMFT


M.S. Marriage and Family Therapy,
Arizona State University
B.S. Family and Human Development,
Arizona State University

Practice Areas: Marriage/relationship counseling, pre-marital counseling, grief and loss, general counseling, anxiety, depression, trauma / PTSD, individual therapy, life changes, work/life stressors

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist Susan Self


M.S. Counseling and Human Services,
University of Toledo

B.S. Psychology,
Bowling Green State University

Practice Areas: Relationship / marriage counseling, pre-marital counseling, parenting, general counseling, anxiety and depression, individual therapy, career decisions, caring for aging relatives, life changes, work/life stressors

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