Grief counseling focuses on offering support for individuals who are undergoing loss and bereavement. For many of us, the word grief is something that brings up a vast array of emotions from pain and confusion, to discomfort and avoidance. While intuitively we all know that pain and loss is something that we may all encounter at some point in our lives, we are still often left with a loss for words when the tragedy of loss or death does occur. Like many things in life, grief is complex. It comes, it goes, and can surprise us 5 months, 5 years, and even 50 years later. It is a journey that no two individuals can experience in the same way, even in the face of the same loss. 
Within our practice, we help people navigate the painful emotions and changes that come from loss and death in a way that is unique for each person. In our sessions, we will help each person understand what normal grief looks like, give tools to heal and grieve freely, and provide support and understanding through this difficult time.

Individuals often seek grief counseling related to the following:

  • Death of a parent, spouse, partner, child or friend
  • Ending of a significant relationship with a spouse or partner
  • Significant changes in one’s health or a loved one’s health
  • Miscarriage and/or difficulty with fertility
  • Recent loss of one’s job
  • Loss or death of a family pet

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