Ellen Geddes, Psychology Intern

Clinical Psychology Doctoral Candidate (4th-year Student),
Arizona School of Professional Psychology

M.A in Clinical Psychology

Ellen Geddes has her Masters in Clinical Psychology and is currently a Practicum Clinician at Biltmore Psychology and Counseling, practicing under the supervision of Dr. Melissa Estavillo. As Ellen is a 4th year Clinical Psychology Doctoral Candidate at the Arizona School of Professional Psychology, she is currently able to provide quality counseling services at a reduced rate. With over 7 years of experience working in Mental Health, Ellen provides warmth and compassion to help individuals and couples accomplish their goals.

Ellen has worked and volunteered in a variety of settings that instilled in her a willingness to help and invest in others. Her interests in wanting to understand the intention behind human behavior led her to pursue a career in psychology. She is passionate and committed to empowering others and impacting their lives in a positive way. In her free time, Ellen enjoys photography, art, being outdoors and spending time with friends and family.