Men’s Counseling

While our clinicians have worked tirelessly to shatter the stigma around mental health counseling, we recognize that much of this stigma still exists and makes it particularly difficult for men to reach out for counseling services. At BPC, our goal is to create an environment where men feel accepted, and understood in their unique needs while also feeling comfortable our tailored approaches to counseling. 

Biltmore Psychology and Counseling’s psychologists and counselors have helped many men struggling with growing feelings of frustration, lack of motivation, discontentment, lack of direction, low mood, life transitions, and other mental health concerns commonly experienced by men. 

Our therapists specialize in counseling men’s issues by understanding some of the unique pressures, frustrations, discomforts that lead to difficult times in a man’s life. In our work, men can have the freedom to set their own goals, discuss concerns from their unique perspective and experience approaches to care that make them feel the most comfortable and understood.

Why Are Men Reluctant To Try Therapy?

Whether due to a difference in the way men process information or emotion, or due to socialization that tells men that emotions are bad, many men do not feel comfortable seeking counseling services. Most men have a stereotype of what counseling will be that includes a therapist telling them what to do, trying to make them cry, or feeling forced to talk about topics that make them feel weirdly uncomfortable. None of these stereotypes are true but unfortunately keep too many men away from seeking services.

Common topics for Men’s Counseling include:

Career & Work/Life Balance


Marital/Relationship Issues

Communication Skills



Changes in Motivation


Fatherhood Issues


Trust Issues

Sexuality & Identity



Teletherapy & Video Counseling Sessions Available

Biltmore Psychology and Counseling offers teletherapy sessions as a way to participate in counseling without needing to be physically present at our office.

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Mens Counseling FAQs

What is Men’s Counseling?

Men’s counseling utilizes evidence-based practice to help men overcome their unique frustrations, concerns, and distress in ways that feel comfortable and motivating for them. Some therapists do not understand or consider some of the unique experiences men face and are unable to form a plan to help men in the best way possible. At BPC, we care about the differences men experience. We work to find the best approach to help men meet their goals for growth and improvement.

What to Expect During Men’s Counseling?

Men should expect their counselor to have a unique understanding of the goals and distress and help them articulate what they would like to get out of their sessions together. A client should expect his therapist to be sharp, inquisitive and understanding of his distress while also helping to inspire him towards growth and change.

What Are Common Reasons Men Seek Therapy?

Men most often seek counseling for difficulties related to their relationships, work, communication or regulation of emotions. They may also begin counseling due to shifts in motivation, burnout and confusion over life direction or dissatisfaction.

Can I bring a support person (spouse, family member, friend)?

Of course! Just be sure to clarify with your therapist if you are looking for your support person to sit in just for one session or if you would like for them to participate in your therapy on an ongoing basis.

Do you offer telephone or video chat sessions?

Yes, teletherapy and video counseling sessions are available for all services provided by Biltmore Psychology and Counseling. You can find more information and frequently asked questions here.

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