Relationship Counseling for Dating Couples

For many couples, increasing conflict and distress does not start when they are married, but begins while they are dating. When in the midst of dating distress, many couples fear that the early presence of conflict is a “sign” that the relationship may not be sustainable.

However, at Biltmore Psychology & Counseling, our Psychologists have worked with many dating couples and have found that pursuing counseling during this time does not indicate that the relationship is doomed to fail. In fact, many couples that choose to begin couples counseling while dating find that it actually sets them up for the success they are hoping for.

Dating distress does not mean that your relationship is bad or not the “right fit”. Good relationships are often hard work, and within our practice we help couples develop the skills they need to overcome hardship, and create a healthy, fulfilling connection. We have discovered that couples who are committed to the relationship and loving one another can flourish and benefit greatly from counseling when the experience dating distress.

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