Happy June everyone! We are officially in the depth of Summer here in Phoenix, and the temperatures are rising! We are starting a new month, and a new topic for the blog. Because June is usually a time where people are getting out of school, going on summer break, taking family vacations, taking their kids to camps, etc., we are going to be talking about parenting, co-parenting, blended families, and everything in between!

Sometimes summer can bring on some stressors if you are divorced or separated and have kids. Do you have a schedule for when you’ll have the kids? Is it easy to communicate with your ex-spouse? Are there things that could be better for the entire family? What can you do to make the transition from school year to summer easier on yourself, your spouse, and your kids?

Co-parenting can be difficult even when you are married, let alone divorced. We’ll dive deeper into some strategies to keep the family happy and healthy, and that make being on the same page a breeze. Figuring out what activities to have your kids do during the summer can also bring stress into the family. Most often the parents are working their full time job, and the newly free schedule of the kids can be overwhelming. We found this great article over on Psychology Today called Parenting: Kids and Summer Activities

It gives awesome tips on what activities to get your kids involved for the summer vacation!

What do you have planned for the summer?